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Following your heart is the first step towards

100% of T-Shirt proceeds go to Homeless Veterans


Own Your Gangster

As a company, we work to let people know that who they are is more than enough. That their dreams are not stupid. That they are not making the world a better place or moving down a path to reach their full potential by spending their time doing what they think they’re supposed to be or what someone tells them they’re supposed to be as opposed to living their truth.

We specialize in helping people listen to their hearts/guts and not being their own worst enemy. We’re most proud of the moments when people say that something we did/said helped them to do what they’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to do before. That, and our help in the community. Part of the brand building/walk across America is raising money for homeless veterans with half of shirt sale profits going towards that same cause.

What sets us apart from others is our foundation. A lot of people want to be motivational speakers, they want to give advice, they want to have the knowledge that comes from hardship, but everything they know is from a book. The knowledge, advice, and truth being spread thru Own Your Gangster is stuff that has been learned the hard way, and we don’t speak on things that we’ve never experienced first hand. When advice is given from a first hand experience instead of a book, it carries more weight.

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